Canadian Unicyclists

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Unicycle T-shirts

Canadian Unicycling Merchandise

Beginner (Getting Started)

How to Ride a Unicycle by

Learn to Unicycle with your Friends

How to Free Mount your unicycle

Learning Specific Unicycle Skills

Bunny Hopping

Idle on a Unicycle

Idle with 1 Foot

Juggle on a Unicycle

Unicycle with the "Seat out Front" or Back

Intermediate & Advanced

Tips on Intermediate Skills.

Unicycle Society of America (USA) Unicycling Skill Levels

International Unicycling Federation (IUF) Unicycling Skill Levels

Uphill MUni Techniques

Downhill MUni Techniques

How to Jump High on a Unicycle

Wheel Walking

Ride with 1 Foot


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